Camila Marambio

I am curator, a private investigator, a permaculture enthusiast, an amateur dancer, and a collaborative writer. In 2010 I founded the nomadic research practice Ensayos on the archipelago of Karokynka/Tierra del Fuego, at the southernmost tip of Abya Yala. Ensayos brings together artists, scientists, activists, policy makers and local community to exercise speculative and emergent forms of eco-cultural ethics at the world’s end. Work from Ensayos includes a scent, a periodical, experimental performance, a podcast, and a web series.

With my work I strive to support the livelihoods of the communities, water, and lands where I research and live. I define my practice (which is entagled within Ensayos) as nomadic artistic research as I am not bound to medium, or discipline. Rather the unique matters of eco-concern of my research steer the methodologies and lead to the unexpected results. Further, I attempt to create a contribution to the fields of environmental humanities, curatorial practice, Indigenous studies, conservation biology and ecopolitics.

I hold a PhD in Curatorial Practice from Monash University, Australia (2019), a Master of Experiments in Arts and Politics from Science Po (2012) and an MA in Modern Art: Critical Studies from Columbia University (2004). As the first Guest Curator of the Extended Research Project at the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Research Institute for the Study of Art from Latin America of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in 2020 I hosted the Aconcagua Summit. I am currently Curatorial Advisor of the Venice Biennale (2022) and sit on the board of directors of Fundación Precaria and Fundación Papudo Nativo.

My writing has been published in Third Text, Australian Feminist Studies JournalDiscipline, The River Rail, Kerb Journal, amongst others. I am co-author of the book Slow Down Fast, A Toda Raja with Cecilia Vicuña (Errant Bodies Press, 2019), of chapters in the forthcoming books Post-Capitalist Futures (Palgrave Pivot Series, 2021) and Sex Ecologies (MIT Press 2021), and of the the experimental storytelling publication Sandcastles with Nina Lykke (forthcoming 2021). The creative writing practice or twin autophenomenography that I have developed with Lykke in pursuit of our joint inquiry into the retelling of cancer stories has been presented as performance lectures at The University of Sydney, Linköping University, Universidad de Chile and The University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm, Sweden.

Photo by Daniel Muñoz.