“Creating with Traces of Life: Waste, Reuse and Design”

Article by Appelgren, Staffan

The purpose of this paper is to adopt posthumanist perspectives on waste as traces of life to investigate how the alternative heritage work of redesigners transforms discarded building materials into reuse interior designs. It combines recent research on waste, shifting focus from representational and symbolic aspects to its material and indexical relations to human life, with critical perspectives emphasising heritage as encompassing different and ambiguous ways of engaging with material transformation over time.

Title of Journal / Edit Volume, incl. names of editors:
Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development

Appelgren, Staffan

Research Area:
General Environmental Humanities



Affiliated but not funded by Seed Box
The Seed Money project “Living With Things”, in which Bohlin et al produced an exhibition with the Swedish Museum of World Culture, has yielded insights in other research projects carried out by Bohlin and Appelgren, but financed by other sources than the Seed Box. In this vein, traces of the Living with Things project can be noted in e.g. the article “Creating with Traces of Life.”