When the climate apocalypse comes I’ll make it: 16 year old Hampus Andersson’s survival month living off the lands and waters in the forests of Norrbotten, Sweden.

Film by Andersson, Hampus and Petri Storlöpare /May-Britt Öhman

There is a lot of talk of crisis and apocalypse, due to war, to climate change. Young people worried about their future go on school strike and manifest, around the world. But, when the climate or any other crisis happens, how are these young (and adult) protesters prepared to fend for themselves? How long can you survive without electricity and water in the tap, with access to food in the supermarket? Thinking about all of this, 16 year old Hampus Andersson decided to try to live off the lands and waters for a full month, on his own. If there is such a crisis, would he make it on his own? From mid July to mid August 2019, the experiment went on. He made sure to learn from more experienced and older reindeer herders and others with experience from the forests. Hampus is not completely unaware on how to get access to food in the forest. His father is a Sámi reindeer herder, and his mother’s family are an agriculture family. But until this day he had never done such an experiment. How would he find food, water, shelter? What would be the hardest? Some things that he had never even thought about turned out to be harder than expected.
During the stay Hampus documented his everyday life with photos and short films, and posted on his Facebook page and Instagram. This is a film made from those photos and videos, along with an interview by film maker Petri Storlöpare, Slowfilm AB. Hampus speaks of his experiences, thoughts and ideas on how to continue this experiment. Will he try the same in the Arctic winter, with temperatures down to minus 40 Celsius?
The film project is supported by Dálkke: Indigenous Climate Change Studies, led by Dr. May-Britt Öhman, Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism, CEMFOR, Uppsala University.
Affiliated to the SEED BOX, Linköping University.

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Andersson, Hampus

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Green Futures, Weather & Climate Change, General Environmental Humanities


Academic, Citizen Humanities


Affiliated but not funded by Seed Box
Financed by the research project Dálkke: Indigenous Climate Change Studies, led by Dr May-Britt Öhman, Uppsala University, Centre for Multidisciplinary Research on Racism, CEMFOR, funded by FORMAS Dnr 2017-01923, within the Swedish National research programme on climate.
Affiliated to the SEED BOX.