“Liselotte Wajstedt’s Kiruna: Space Road: Experimental Ecocinema as Elegiac Memoir in ‘Extractivist’ Sapmi

Article by Fish, Cheryl J.

This article focuses on the experimental ecocinema of Swedish Sami filmmaker Liselotte Wajstedt, director of Kiruna: Space Road (2013) and the sequel in progress, Kiruna: The Drift Block. The films engage with the effects of mining and extraction on the psyche of citizens in Wajstedt’ home town of Kiruna, Sweden where the depth of its iron ore mine requires relocating the entire town . I consider the power of moving images and what I call elegiac ecojustice in response to extractive industry practices and state/corporate story lines within the Sami area. I claim experimental cinema by indigenous women rely on fissure, erasure and contention that illustrate the uncanny to make sense of what is happening to living bodies in Kiruna.

Title of Journal / Edit Volume, incl. names of editors:
Journal of Scandinavian Cinema

Fish, Cheryl J.

Research Area:
Toxic Embodiment, Green Futures, Weather & Climate Change, General Environmental Humanities


Academic, Citizen Humanities


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Financed by Seed Box
A short-term research grant by Seed Box enabled the author to travel to Kiruna, Sweden and to give a presentation of her work-in-progress at Linkoping University.