Weathering the Apocalypse: Survival Skills Workshop

Workshop by Hamilton, Jennifer Mae

What is survival? One mode of survival is to bunker down with your cache of water purification tablets, weapons, ammunition and freeze dried food. Another is to fortify the lifestyles of the most privileged and mobile consumers—seawalls, airconditioning, electric cars—and hope you are part of the community able to forget about the rest of the world. While the means of survival in both these examples are different, the endgame is the same: protect and preserve the fleshy houses of individual, liberal human subjects. Who falls into that sacrosanct category, and who will survive by these methods, depends a lot on questions of gender, race and class, with minor adjustments allowed for geographical location and luck.

In the spirit of rejecting both spectacular militaristic apocalypticism and business as usual ‘late liberalism’ (to borrow Elizabeth Povinelli’s term), this workshop raises questions, and eyebrows, at certain practices that facilitate survival and opens up space for thinking, making, doing alternatives. A few people have been invited to share skills with the group, and after each lesson there will be time to discuss the kind of world opened up by such practice, the social critique that it enacts and the different mode of education, labour and economy it could produce.

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Hamilton, Jennifer Mae

Research Area:
Weather & Climate Change, General Environmental Humanities


Citizen Humanities


Financed by Seed Box
The Seed Box Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Sydney