Feminist, Queer, Anticolonial Propositions for Hacking the Anthropocene III: (what do we) WANT?

Conference by Neimanis, Astrida and Hamilton, Jennifer Mae

The Anthropocene names a new geological epoch where “Man” is a determining cause of planetary systems change. But who and what is missing from this headline of “humans destroying the planet”? In its third iteration, Astrida Neimanis and Jennifer Mae Hamilton have invited an extraordinary group of scholars and artists to investigate the theme “want”. Breaking from the conference format of previous events, we stage three roundtable discussions on the grounds of the Women’s College at the University of Sydney. From the desirous pull of the fossil fuelled high-life to grass roots activist demands (“what do we want?”), we ask if it is possible to pursue both extravagant pleasure and intersectional, intergenerational justice. We hope you can join us for a day of communal thought, wild performance and excellent coffee and snacks (you know you want it).

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Neimanis, Astrida

Research Area:
Deep Time, Toxic Embodiment, Weather & Climate Change, Multispecies stories, General Environmental Humanities


Academic, Citizen Humanities


Affiliated but not funded by Seed Box
The event itself was funded by the Sydney Social Sciences and Humanities Advanced Research Centre (SSSHARC). The early planning and grant writing was enacted under the auspices of The Seed Box Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the University of Sydney