A Field Guide for Weathering: Embodied Tactics for Collectives of Two or More Humans

Field Guide by Hamilton, Jennifer Mae and Neimanis, Astrida

In our inherited meteorological practices and frameworks, weather conditions are managed for us in a range of ways (for example, through architecture, technology, commodity culture, infrastructure, economic rationale). This field guide brings the weather back to the body. A traditional field guide provides tools for the individual sovereign human subject to observe and document nature “over there”. In contrast, through a range of different activities, our field guide not only invites investigation and cataloguing of the field that we also comprise, but also challenges what counts as a noteworthy observation regarding the weather and also climate.

Title of Journal / Edit Volume, incl. names of editors:
The Goose

Hamilton, Jennifer Mae

Research Area:
Weather & Climate Change, General Environmental Humanities


Academic, Citizen Humanities


Financed by Seed Box
This project was a publication outcome of “The Wild Weathering Collaboratory: Reacclimitising Early Childhood Environmental Pedagogies to the Prospect of Anthropogenic Climate Change”, Rindö, Sweden (June 2017)