Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices

Conference by Jørgen Bruhn and Ida Bencke

This conference attempts an ambitious rethinking of the nature-culture continuum by way of multispecies ideas on the one hand and intermedial studies on the other hand. The result was overwhelming: first regarding the response from interested participants (we had planned for 40 persons – 150 applied: 120 was accepted); second, regarding the outcome: the keynote presentations as well as the presentations, both the academic and the artistic presentations, was on an unusual high qualitative level. We are planning to edit a book volume, probably at Open Humanities Press, US. Also, an accompanying art exhibition at Växjö Konsthall opened during the conference and will run for three weeks, which will include several micro-arrangements, papers, and educational seminars.

Title of Journal / Edit Volume, incl. names of editors:

Jørgen Bruhn and Ida Bencke

Research Area:
Green Futures, Media ecologies, Multispecies stories, General Environmental Humanities

Jan 2019


Financed by Seed Box
Most of the conference and art exhibtion was funded by the Seed Box grant, but additional funding 2as received from Faculty of Arts and Humanities, in particular when it became apparent that the conference part would become much bigger and more resource-consuming.