Herbaria 3.0: What is your plant story? (

Website by Gianquitto, Tina and LaFauci, Lauren; Sanders, Dawn; Flannery, Maura; Hodge, Terry

The team created a website,, to collect stories from everyday people about the plants that inhabit their lives. The site has so far collected over 50 stories from people ranging in age from 8 to 93. In addition to stories, we link present-day plants to other plant narratives (historical, scientific, artistic) through the use of herbarium images, photographs, links to scientific articles, and other forms of media. We also invite contributions in the form of video shorts, interviews, and “snap stories” — short in-the-moment stories.

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Gianquitto, Tina

Research Area:
Green Futures, Multispecies stories, General Environmental Humanities


Citizen Humanities

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Financed by Seed Box
The Seed Box provided funding for a design workshop, hosted at Gothenburg University (Co-PI,Dawn Sanders) and for the initial design of the web-based project. Additional funding for the building phase of the project was supplied by the home institution of Tina Gianquitto, the Colorado School of Mines. We have sought additional funding to support publication goals and another plant-based workshop from the National Endowment for the Humanities (U.S.) and the Seed Box.