The Weathering Report: Notes from the Field and Shame in/as Resilience

Conference by Hamilton, Jennifer and Rebecca Giggs, Astrida Neimanis, Katherine Wight, Tessa Zettel

The Weathering Report reflects on a series of collaborative events, meetings and conversations that comprise our collective’s ongoing project on the art of weathering. We propose the concept and practice of “weathering” as a means for embodying climate change, or as a way to radically localise the global phenomenon of climate change. In both the dominant environmental imaginary and empirical scientific study, climate change is too often posited as distant and abstracted from our everyday experiences of weather (see e.g. Neimanis and Walker 2014; Yusoff and Gabrys 2011). Either neoliberal progress narratives of controlling the future or sustainability narratives of saving the past buttress such abstraction. Both largely obfuscate the ways that our bodies weather the world and are part of the changing climate. We propose weathering as a “poethical” (Retallack 2004) interruption to these abstractions. Our more specific proposition for this presentation is that bringing together weather and climate change in and as the body calls for a new understanding of measurement and new methods for measuring that exceeds the aggregation of data that we take as a sign of global warming. The paper will illustrate this argument with some examples of alternative methods for measuring and new kinds of instruments that we have developed in our collaborative and experimental research.

Papers presented. “The Weathering Report: Notes from the Field” and “Shame in/as Resilience.” Global Ecologies/Local Impacts conference. University of Sydney, Australia, November 2016.

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Hamilton, Jennifer

Research Area:
Weather & Climate Change


Academic, Citizen Humanities


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