10°C – Recipes from the archipelago of Forsmark

Video by Erikson, Carl Johan and Willén Karin

In the video 10°C – Recipes from the archipelago of Forsmark the format of a cooking video is subversively appropriated with the intention of problematizing and revealing processes and systems that form perceptions of nature.

We, Carl Johan Erikson och Karin Willén, are both artists and both have country houses in northern Uppland in Sweden, near Forsmark nuclear power plant. For some time, we have in a series of artistic actions cooked and served fish from the area. All fish cooked have been hauled out of the sea in the proximity of the cooling water outlet of the power plant. The higher water temperature at the outlet, 10°C above surrounding waters, have evident effects on the ecosystems: The metabolism of the fish increases, likewise the strains on their inner organs.

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Erikson, Carl Johan

Research Area:
Toxic Embodiment, Weather & Climate Change


Citizen Humanities


Financed by Seed Box
The video is partly funded by Seed Box as part of the project The final repository: a microscopic exploration.