This Mess We’re In

online discussion group moderator by Bates, Tarsh

moderator of month discussion about the exhibition and theme “This Mess We’re In”. ‐empyre‐ provided the artists and writers associated with the exhibition with an opportunity to extend the explorations of the material, conceptual, political and philosophical implications of the scientific creation and/or manipulation of life. Group members discussed the untold legacies of the last 200 years of colonialism, industrialization and biotechnology, giving voice to the creatures that emerge from and escape the creation and control of life and drawing on the themes of fragmentation,
emergence, reproduction and ethics that are the cornerstone of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.”

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moderator of -empyre- discussion board

Bates, Tarsh

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Toxic Embodiment, Multispecies stories


Academic, Citizen Humanities

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Financed by Seed Box
Position through Seed Box postdoctoral research grant at SymbioticA