The art of fusion: A synthetic approach to create cross-kingdom hybrids

Conference by Cachat, Elise and Nelson, Lenny; Sachs, Daniel; Bandiera, Lucia; McDonald, Alison; Szymanski, Erika; Bates, Tarsh; Menolascina, Filippo; Zurr, Ionat; Elfick, Alistair; Calvert, Jane; Rosser, Susan; Catts, Oron

Cross-kingdom fusion raises ontological, ethical and poetic questions: how do multi-kingdom cell fusions challenge our categories and understandings of life? Where do they belong within both biological and cultural realms? How does their existence impact the environment and society? In this interdisciplinary collaboration between artists (SymbioticA, University of Western Australia), scientists and social scientists (SynthSys, University of Edinburgh), we propose to create yeast-mammalian cell fusions, while exploring such questions through art. We are engineering these fusion hybrids and observing their formation as they assemble into a new cell type. The work-in-progress was presented as an art exhibition at the Edinburgh International Science Festival in April 2018.

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Poster presented at the Fifth International Mammalian Synthetic Biology Workshop

Cachat, Elise

Research Area:
Toxic Embodiment, Multispecies stories




Financed by Seed Box
one of the co-authors is funded by a Seed Box postdoctoral research grant at SymbioticA