Framing and visualising biodiversity in EU policy

Article by Uggla, Ylva

This study seeks insights into how biodiversity is framed and visualised
in EU policy. The paper presents analysis of both the visual content
and written text of two brochures summarising two central EU
biodiversity policy documents. The study illustrates how the two
modes of communication differ. First, the written text primarily
presents an anthropocentric and economic framing of biodiversity
values, whereas the visual material generally features the beauty and
wonders of nature. Second, the written text strongly emphasises the
threats to biodiversity and the detrimental side of human activity,
whereas the visual material generally shows close relationships
between humans and nature, with humans engaged in small-scale
outdoor activities. The analysis illustrates how various representations
of biodiversity intersect in the same context, and that the visual
representation decontextualises the issue of biodiversity loss from
the human exploitation of natural resources and the concrete actions
and processes causing it.

Title of Journal / Edit Volume, incl. names of editors:
Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences

Uggla, Ylva

Research Area:
Green Futures, General Environmental Humanities




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