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Article by Krook, Joakim

Urban Infrastructure Mines: On the Economic and Environmental Motives of Cable Recovery from Subsurface Power Grids.

Subsurface power grids constitute one of the largest copper stocks in many industrialized cities. Over time, parts and zones of these. . .

Deep Earth

Article by Öhman, May-Britt

TechnoVisions of a Sámi cyborg: Re-claiming Sámi Body-, Land- and Waterscapes after a Century of Colonial Exploitations

Deep Water

Article by Haikola, Simon

Is Swedish Mineral Politics at a Crossroads? Critical Reflections on the Challenges with Expanding Sweden’s Mining Sector.

In this paper, we analyse the critique that has accompanied sustained efforts made in recent years by the Government of Sweden to facilitate. . .

Deep Earth

Article by Holmberg, Tora

Imagination Laboratory: Making Sense of Bio-Objects in Contemporary Genetic Art.

Public engagement in biotechnology has declined as cloning, genetic engineering and regenerative medicine have become socially and. . .

Multispecies stories

Article by Åsberg, Cecilia

Viagra Selfhood: Pharmaceutical Advertising and the Visual Formation of Swedish Masculinity

Using material from the Pfizer sponsored website providing health information on erectile dysfunction to potential Swedish Viagra customers. . .

Toxic Embodiment

Article by Fredengren, Christina

Nature:cultures: Heritage, Sustainability, and Feminist Post-humanism.

This paper makes use of feminist posthumanism to outline how a range of heritage policies, practices and strategies, partly through their. . .

Deep Time

Article by Fredengren, Christina

Water Politics: Wetland Deposition of Human and Animal Remains in Uppland, Sweden.

This paper presents evidence for deposition of human and animal remains in watery locations in Uppland province. Likewise, deposition of. . .

Deep Water

Article by Neimanis, Astrida

Weather Writing: A Feminist Materialist Practice for (Getting Outside) the Classroom.

Multispecies stories

Edited Volume by Johnson, Ericka

Glocal Pharma: International Brands and the Imagination of Local Masculinity.

An exploration of how global pharmaceutical products are localized – of what happens when they become ‘glocal’ – this book examines the. . .

Toxic Embodiment

Edited Volume by Åsberg, Cecilia

Debates in Nordic Gender Studies: Differences Within

Celebrating more than two decades of feminist theory and gender research, this book provides an essential overview of current theoretical. . .

Multispecies stories