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We are an environmental humanities collaboratory aimed at addressing and understanding the environmental problems of tomorrow, today, and yesterday.

The Seed Box is an international environmental humanities collaboratory headquartered at Linköping University (LiU) in Sweden. Supported with generous funding from Mistra and Formas. The Seed Box takes as its mission the development of a national center for environmental humanities research across the nature-culture divide, and creative activity related to the pressing environmental problems.



New Conference in October

For the final year of the first phase of the Seed Box program we want to highlight what will a defining Seed Box event: an international conference... Read more

14 March, 2019

Stephanie Erev visits the Seed Box

During March, Stephanie Erev, Doctoral Candidate at Department of Political Science, Johns Hopkins University, visits The Seed... Read more

11 March, 2019

Isaac Lyne’s fieldwork in Eastern Cambodia

Right now, The Seed Box Postdoctoral Fellow Isaac Lyne is in Eastern Cambodia, in Kampong Cham Province, conducting fieldwork for two research... Read more

15 February, 2019


22/5 – General Ecology: Two Lectures and a Conversation with N. Katherine Hayles and Erich Hörl

The Seed Box and the research environment Language and Culture at IKK invites to an afternoon of dedicated to questions of general ecology,... Read more

22 May, 13.00–16.30

27/5 – COMPOSE – A transdisciplinary Masterclass in the Art of being a Researcher in turbulent times of fake news and climate change

Climate scientists regularly emit dire warnings illustrating dangerous changes to the oceans and atmosphere. At the same time there’s a... Read more

27 May, 09:00 - 17:00