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We are an environmental humanities collaboratory aimed at addressing and understanding the environmental problems of tomorrow, today, and yesterday.

The Seed Box is an international environmental humanities collaboratory headquartered at Linköping University (LiU) in Sweden. Supported with generous funding from Mistra and Formas. The Seed Box takes as its mission the development of a national center for environmental humanities research across the nature-culture divide, and creative activity related to the pressing environmental problems.



Beatrice del Monte – Urban gardening in Rome

On the 23th of October 2018, Seed Box guest researcher Beatrice del Monte presented her work “Reframing public spaces through collective action:... Read more

26 October, 2018

Sites of Narrativity by professor Serpil Opperman

"Sites of Narrativity", A lecture with professor Serpil Opperman, Visiting Professor at The Seed Box. A Mistra-Formas Environmental Humanities... Read more

26 October, 2018

Video: Nu! – “One Fine Day”

Nu! is an improvisation project based in Linköping, which since 2016 has generated large amounts of high-quality progressive electronic music.... Read more

23 October, 2018


27/11 – Eva Lövbrand, Text seminar

Eva Lövbrand, Text seminar... Read more

The Green Room 27 November, 13-25

27/11 – Naming without Claiming? Feminist citational practice in the Environmental Humanities

Naming without Claiming Feminist citational practice in the Environmental Humanities From the nature/culture binary to the notion of situated... Read more

The Green Room 27 November, 15:00-17:00

4/12 – How Much for a Tree?

How Much for a Tree —further reflections on the tragic drama of environmental valuation with the point of departure in an artistic restaging by... Read more

The Green Room 4 December, 13-15