Welcome to the Seed Box

Tracking the traces of environmental change, exploring emergent ecologies


The Seed Box: An Environmental Humanities Collaboratory is a transdisciplinary program in Environmental Humanities, aimed at addressing and understanding the environmental challenges of tomorrow, today, and yesterday. We perform environmental humanities research and creative activity related to pressing environmental problems, across the nature-culture divide.

The long-term goal of the program is to establish an international environmental humanities consortium and a research hub focused on environmental challenges and engaged in research and artistic practices that bring together people from different fields and create an interface between academia and other parts of society.

Since its inception in 2015, The Seed Box has sought to:

  • advance the field of environmental humanities in both established and emerging directions, with an overarching commitment to methodological and conceptual innovation
  • create a high-quality international transdisciplinary research environment which is intellectually attractive, stimulating and challenging as well as mutually supportive for both senior and junior scholars
  • further an applied – yet philosophically advanced – citizen dimension within environmental humanities

During its second phase (April 2020-March 2022) the Seed Box increases its focus on artistic dimensions as well as collaborations with partners in the Global South.

The Seed Box is headquartered at Linköping University (LiU) in Sweden and supported with generous funding from Mistra and Formas. Program Director for The Seed Box is Victoria Wibeck , LiU, in collaboration with co-director/ Scientific leader Astrida Neimanis, University of Sydney, co-director/Artistic leader Katja Aglert, artist, and co-director/Program manager Björn Pernrud (LiU).



28/10 – Deep Time Reckoning

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The Green Room 28 October, 13.45-15.15

29/10 – The Cli-Fi Club: Mad Max: Fury Road

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29 October, 8.00-9.00

11/11 – Map-Makers and Navigators?

Map-Makers and Navigators Climate Mitigation Scenarios at the Science-Policy Interface Bård Lahn (CICERO) & Daniel Andersson... Read more

The Green Room 11 November, 13.45-15.15